An 8 week mindfulness program resulted in positive effects on brain and immune functioning. The study investigated emotion-related brain wave activity and antibody response to vaccination in employees of a biotechnology company in Madison, USA. The study was published by Davidson et al, University of Wisconsin, in 2003

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They say everything happens for a reason

I believe it’s true. From a one-hour lecture I attended on something called ‘Mindfulness’ my career in Psychiatry has changed for the better. And, from a decision to work in Canada, I happened to end up working in the same hospital as one of the founders of Mindfulness. I don’t know what the circumstances are that have brought you to this page, but perhaps there is a reason for that too.

Mindfulness of Breath


Mindfulness course hosted by Dr Rampes

The Mindfulness course hosted by Dr Rampes has been an integral and extremely important component to my journey of developing a greater sense of perspective and self-awareness in my daily life. Guided by Dr Rampes, I have developed an appreciation of the present vs future and past and an appreciation of “ease of being” versus “the constantly doing”. I now practise mindfulness on a daily basis and continue to feel its benefit. It is my belief that we all can benefit from greater mindfulness in our daily lives and would not hesitate to endorse the course run by Dr Rampes.”

I.L. London

Mindfulness course hosted by Dr Rampes

“Dr. Rampes led the MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) course that I took and did a wonderful job teaching our group this important skill. I learned so much about self care with the meditative practices that I have been able to come off of medication for the last 9 months. Dr. Rampes is an artist at listening, communication, and guidance. His demeanour attests to the internal calmness that results from these practices.”

M.N. Toronto

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